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Here are a couple of peeks inside Daryl's latest novel,

"A Killer's Diary"

Scott exploded. He slammed his clenched fist down hard against his thighs. He clenched his teeth together and forced out a scream, spewing out shards of spittle. He spoke without separating his teeth, “I don’t want to write! I want to read!”

Dr. Stiles’ eyes flew open wide. He nervously fumbled for the attendant call button. His hands shook uncontrollably as he fervently felt around in his lap for the call button. The device had slid off his lap and it dangled by the cord half way from the seat and the floor.


The front door stood open and I could hear Mom and Dad outside by the car. I stood in the doorway. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Dad kept a .38 special in the glovebox of the car. He held that gun pointed at my mother’s face.

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