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A few recent happenings...

First, I have to confess...I did not continue with the hard cover of A Killer's Diary. Not sure if I need to, plus the final copy looked too out of focus.

I am so close to finishing the outline of my outline for my new book, Border Town. Remember, that's just the working title. I need to produce at least one more outline revision. Then comes the editing. Yippee!

Had a steady flow of guest all year. We are blessed. One recently said, "We're here because we are supposed to be here!" He was joking about the lack of safety features and coddling in our youth. But, I think it goes much deeper.

A grade school in San Diego will be using my Invincible Crew books as a study project starting next year. I'll try to get pictures.

I don't know about you, but I put on a few pounds thanks to Halloween candy, then Thanksgiving. Okay, I ate too much in between those two holidays and now Christmas is coming.

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