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Ode to Stephen King

A critical point in "A Killer's Diary" was Scott reading a book by Donna Foley Mabry, titled "Write Til' Nothing's Left". That particular book . . . does not exist, but Donna is very real.

I got the idea from Stephen King, who is real and so is his book, On Writing. Awesome read for new writers, but you already know enough about him.

Donna Mabry is a big-time author of over a couple dozen books. The most popular is "Maude", an extremely huge seller world-wide. That book was, and may still be, the number one top seller on Amazon for non-fiction. Check out her work online.

Donna is my mentor and, more importantly, she is my friend.

I am very lucky to know her and be in her critique group. She pushed me to write all of my books. She helped me out immensely on the first one. I learned a ton from her and the others of the group.

The passage I attribute to her was something she WOULD have said. I tried to talk her into writing a book about writing, but she hasn't ... yet.

You could never meet a more warm, funny and big-hearted person in your life.

I thank you, Donna.

The rest of you now know who to blame!


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