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This one or, the other one?

This is huge. Today, I share the original ending to "A Killer's Diary." I'll write the general idea of how it would have went. It was never completed, just the plan. You'll get the idea . . .

Scene: Scott in a prison facility strolling over to their makeshift book cart. He runs his hand over book titles and suddenly screams uncontrollably. He slings books in all directions. Several guards converge and tackle him to the floor as he fights relentlessly.

Scene: Mental institution. Scott is brought in by attendants and seated at a picnic-style bench and table. both securely attached to the floor. He appears to be heavily sedated. he stares at a the picture puzzle pieces on the table surface.

He decides it's time for a snack. (You need to read the book for this all to click)


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