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Daryl Reed, from Springfield, Missouri, served in the U.S. Army stationed in Germany. He worked at a variety of jobs before he attended the U.S. Border Patrol Academy in Glynco, Georgia. After passing the academy he was stationed in beautiful San Diego, California. He retired in December of 2016, as a Supervisory Border Patrol Agent after nearly 25 years of service. 

During his career, he served as a public information officer in charge of media operations. He supervised the San Diego segment of the hit series “Border Wars” by the National Geographic Channel. He provided border tours for many officials as well as famous celebrities.

In addition, he was on the patrol's nation-wide recruiting team and he chaired numerous oral hiring boards. He implemented several public relations programs and received two Commissioner’s Awards plus, the Attorney General’s Award for outstanding service. 

Retirement has allowed the fulfillment of a passion to write. The journey started with, “The boy with no name,” a children’s book based on a bedtime story he made up for relatives at bedtime. Next, the story continued in “THE RED ORB,” and then again in book three, "Princess Maldiva." These three books, The Invincible Crew Series, are enjoyable at any age. 

For adults, there's a psycho/murder thriller titled, "A Killer's Diary." A hard hitting novel  with an ending that you won't see coming. Due out soon "Border Town", still a working title. This book will be the first of a four book series.
All books can be found on Amazon.

Be sure to visit the Facebook(META) page called "Daryl's Extra". (Note: URL addresses are not allowed here) and discover behind the scenes info, writing tips for beginners, and so, so much more!


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